Gifted Education

Gifted Programs and Information

Gifted services are offered for students in Kindergarten through grade 12 in accordance with Chapter 16 guidelines. Mrs. Laurie Stiles provides Gifted Support Services district-wide.  For more information on gifted support please contact Mr. Harry Gregg, Director of Special Education at 224-3020.

Following is a partial listing of services provided by gifted support.

   -projects and activities based upon MDE evaluation recommendations
   -language arts enrichment
   -math enrichment
   -critical reasoning activities
   -logic and deduction tasks
   -visual / spatial activities
   -projects integrated across the curriculum in addition to technology
   -Writing contests
   -activities / projects based on G.I.E.P. goals
   -Art Contests
 (many of the opportunities as open to any student)
  -Blended School Offerings (Varies by the student)

  -Dual Enrollment (English, French, Spanish, Statistics)
 -AP Coursework (Biology, Government, History, Various On-Line Offerings)
 -Mock Trial